Working Group on Salmon Marking
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Mark Documents
The NPAFC maintains a significant collection of technical papers regarding anadromous fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean. They are cataloged by publication year.
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The following papers are particularly relevant to salmon marking efforts:

Doc.# Origin Title Author Organization Date
971 USA Revised Web-based North Pacific Salmon Otolith Mark Directory W. Johnson
R. Josephson
T. Frawley
D. Oxman
ADF&G Oct 2006
778 USA Protocols to Facilitate Exchange of Data Among the NPAFC Working Group on Salmon Marking B. Agler
D. Oxman
T. Frawley
ADF&G Sep 2004
649 USA Proposed Internet Accessible Website for the Otolith Mark Database of the NPAFC Working Group on Salmon Marking B. Agler
P. Hagen
NMFS, Auke Bay
Oct 2002
577 Canada
CSRS Working Group on Salmon Marking Draft Report on the Development of Internet Accessible Otolith Mark Database Working Group on Salmon Marking Oct 2001
566 USA Thermal Mark Patterns Applied to Salmon from Alaska, Washington, Treaty Tribes and Other Northwest States for Brood Year 2000 P. Hagen
J. Scott
E. Volk

WA, Dept. Fish & Wildlife
Oct 2001
463 U.S.A. Preliminary Thermal Marks Applied to Salmon from Alaska and Oregon for Brood Year 2000 and some Proposed Marks for Brood Year 2001 P. Hagen
H. Geiger
E. Volk
J. Grimm

WA, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Mar 2000
396 U.S.A. Discrimination of Multi-Country Thermal Mark Codes by Augmentation of Coding Schemes or Marking Mechanisms K. Munk ADF&G, Juneau Mar 1999
367 U.S.A. Thermal Marking of Otoliths: The "RBr" Coding Structure of Thermal Marks K. Munk
H. Geiger
ADF&G, Juneau Oct 1998

The following technical report is also germane

Technical Report No 3. Salmonid Otolith Marking
2001 International Workshop on Salmonid Otolith Marking.
March 21, 2001, Seattle, WA, U.S.A.