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Use this Find Mark Information form to locate details and images of marked releases stored in the Mark Repository. Select the appropriate filtering criteria by clicking on the boxes below. If you check no boxes for a particular attribute, then that attribute will not restrict the items retrieved.

Click the "List Marks on File" button to create a summary table of marks that match your criteria. This table also allows access to detailed marking records. Click on "Run full grid report..." to generate a grid of detailed information for each matching mark. Click on "Create full grid..." to build a file of details that may be downloaded and opened with Excel.

Mark Types:
Thermal     Strontium     Dry     Calcein     Alizarin    

Brood Years:
2016   2015   2014   2013   2012   2011   2010   2009   2008   2007   2006  
2005   2004   2003   2002   2001   2000   1999   1998   1997   1996   1995  
1994   1993   1992   1991   1990   1989   1988  

Release Years:
2017   2016   2015   2014   2013   2012   2011   2010   2009   2008   2007  
2006   2005   2004   2003   2002   2001   2000   1999   1998   1997   1996  
1995   1994   1993   1992   1991   1990   1989  







Hatch Codes:
Manual or Piano Hatch Code to search for: Use '%' as wild card.
Calculated RBr for Hatch Code entry above: Exact matches only     Also match similar codes
Thermal/Dry Alizarin Calcein Strontium Hatch Mark Wild Card
1,1,1,1H 1,1,1,2nH 1,1,2n,1H 1,1,2nH 1,1,2nH4n,1
1,1,3nH 1,2,1,2H 1,2,1,3H 1,2,1H 1,2,1H1,2,2
1,2,2,1H 1,2,2,1H1,2,2,1 1,2,2,2H 1,2,2,2nH 1,2,2H
1,2,2H1,2,2 1,2,2nH 1,2,3H 1,2,3H3 1,2,3nH
1,2,4H 1,2,4nH 1,2H 1,2n,1,1H 1,2n,1H1,1,1,1,1
1,2n,1H1,1,1,2n 1,2n,1H1,1,2n,1,1 1,2n,1H2n,1,2n 1,2n,1H2n,2n,2n 1,2n,1H3n,1,2n
1,2n,2H 1,2n,2nH 1,2n,2nH1,2,2 1,2n,3H 1,2nH1,1,1,1
1,3,1,2H 1,3,1H 1,3,1H1,3,1 1,3,2,1H 1,3,2H
1,3,2nH 1,3,3,1H 1,3,3H 1,3,4H 1,3H
1,3H1,3 1,3H3 1,3n,1H 1,3n,1H1,1,1/1,1/2n 1,3n,1H1,1,2n,1,2n
1,3n,1H1,1,3n,1,1 1,3n,1H1,1-1-1,1 1,3n,1H1,3n,1 1,3n,1H1-1/1-1/1 1,3n,1H1/2n,2n,2n
1,3n,1H2n,2n,2n,2n 1,3n,1H2n/1,1,1,1,1 1,3n,1H3n-3n 1,3n,2H 1,3n,2nH
1,3nH 1,4,1H 1,4,1H1,4,1 1,4,3H 1,4H
1,4H3 1,4H4 1,4n,1H 1,4n,2H 1,4nH
1,5,1H 1,5,2H 1,5H 1,5n,1H 1,5n,2nH
1,5nH 1,6,1H 1,6H 1-1-2-1-3H 1-3H
1-4-2H 1-4H 12H 2,1,2,2H 2,1,2H
2,1,3H 2,1,4H 2,1,5H 2,1,7H 2,1,8H
2,1-1-1-1H 2,1-2H 2,1-2nH 2,1-3H 2,1-4H
2,1-5H 2,1H 2,1n,3nH 2,1n,4nH 2,1n,5nH
2,1n-2nH 2,1n-3nH 2,1n-4nH 2,1n-5nH 2,1n-6nH
2,1nH 2,2,1,2H 2,2,1H 2,2,2,3H 2,2,2H
2,2,3,2H 2,2,3,2H3 2,2,3H 2,2,4H 2,2,4H2
2,2,4H3 2,2,5H 2,2,6H 2,2-1H 2,2-2H
2,2-4H 2,2-5H 2,2H 2,2H2,2 2,2H3
2,2H3,3 2,2H4 2,2H4,2 2,2H5 2,2n,3H
2,2n,4nH 2,2n,5nH 2,2n,6nH 2,2n-2nH 2,2n-3nH
2,2n-4nH 2,2n-5nH 2,2n-6nH 2,2nH 2,2w,2wH
2,2w-2H 2,2w-3H 2,2wH 2,3,1,2H 2,3,1,3H
2,3,1,4H 2,3,1H 2,3,2H 2,3,4H 2,3-2-2H
2,3-2-3H 2,3-2H 2,3-3-2H 2,3-3H 2,3-4H
2,3-5H 2,3-6H 2,3/3H 2,3H 2,3H1,3
2,3H2,2 2,3H2,4 2,3H3 2,3H3,3 2,3H4,2
2,3H5 2,3n,1H 2,3n,2H 2,3n,3H 2,3n,4H
2,3n-2nH 2,3n-3nH 2,3n-4nH 2,3n-5nH 2,3nH
2,3nH3 2,4,1,2H 2,4,2H 2,4,3H 2,4,3H3
2,4H 2,4H2 2,4H3 2,4H4 2,4n,1nH
2,4n,3H 2,4n-1nH 2,4n-2nH 2,4n-3nH 2,4n-4nH
2,4nH 2,5,2H 2,5,3H 2,5,4H 2,5-2H
2,5-3H 2,5H 2,5H3 2,5n-3nH 2,5nH
2,6H 2,6n,3H 2,6nH 2,6nH3 2,7H
2,7nH 2,8H 2,8nH 2,9H 2,9nH
2-1,2H 2-1,3H 2-1-2-2H 2-1-2-3H 2-1-2H
2-1-3H 2-1-4H 2-1-5H 2-1-6H 2-10H
2-2,1,2H 2-2,2,3H 2-2,2H 2-2,3H 2-2,4H
2-2,5H 2-2-1-3H 2-2-2-1H 2-2-2-2H 2-2-2-3H
2-2-2-4H 2-2-3-1H 2-2-3-2H 2-2-3-3H 2-2-3H
2-2-4H 2-2-5H 2-2H 2-3,1,2H 2-3,1,3H
2-3,2H 2-3-2H 2-3-3H 2-3-4H 2-3H
2-3nH 2-4-1-2H 2-4-2H 2-4-3H 2-4-4H
2-4H 2-5,2H 2-5,3H 2-5-2H 2-5-3H
2-5-4H 2-5H 2-6-2H 2-6-3H 2-6H
2-7H 2-8H 2-8nH 2-9H 2/1H
2/2H 2/2nH 2/2w,2-2H 2/2w-3H 2/2w-4H
2/2wH 2H 2H1 2n,1,1,1H 2n,1,1H1,2n,1,1
2n,1,2nH 2n,2n,2H 2n,2n,2nH 2n,2n-2H 2n,2nH
2n,2nH1,1,1,1 2n,2nH1,1,3n 2n,2nH1,1/1 2n,2nH1,4n,1 2n,2nH2n,1,2n
2n,2nH2n,2n 2n,2nH3n,2n 2n,3H 2n,3nH 2n,4nH
2n-2,2nH 2n-2H 2n-2n,2H 2n-2n-3H 2n-3H
2n-4H 2nH2n,2n,2n,2n 3,1,1H 3,1,2,1H 3,1,2H
3,1,2nH 3,1,3H 3,1,3H3 3,1,4H 3,1,4nH
3,1H 3,1H3 3,2,1H 3,2,2H 3,2,2n-2nH
3,2,2nH 3,2,3H 3,2,4H 3,2,5H 3,2H
3,2H2 3,2H2,2 3,2H2,4 3,2H3 3,2H4
3,2H5 3,2n,1H 3,2n,2H 3,2n,2H3 3,2n,2nH
3,2n,4nH 3,2nH 3,2wH 3,3,1H 3,3,1H4
3,3,2H 3,3,2nH 3,3,3H 3,3,5H 3,3H
3,3H2 3,3H3 3,3H4 3,3H5,2 3,3n,1H
3,3nH 3,4,1H 3,4,1H2 3,4,1H2,3 3,4,1H4
3,4,1H6 3,4,2H 3,4,3H 3,4H 3,4H2
3,4H3 3,4nH 3,4nH2 3,5,3H 3,5H
3,5nH 3,5nH4 3,6,1H 3,6H 3,7H
3-1-3H 3-1H 3-1H3 3-2H 3-2H5
3-3H 3-4H 3-5H 3-6H 3/2H
3/2H2 3/2H4 3/3,1H 3/3H 3/5H
3H 3H1,2,2,1 3H2 3H2,2 3H2-3
3H3 3H3,2 3H3,3 3H3/2 3H4
3H5 3H6 3n,1,1H 3n,1,2H 3n,1,2nH
3n,1,3H 3n,1H 3n,2,1H 3n,2,2H 3n,2,2n,2H
3n,2,2nH 3n,2H 3n,2n,3H 3n,2nH 3n,3H
3n,3nH 3n,4,3H 3n,4H 3n,5H 3n-3nH
3nH 4,1,2,1H 4,1,2H 4,1,3H 4,1H
4,2,1H 4,2,2H 4,2,2H2 4,2,2H2,3 4,2,2H3,2
4,2,2H4 4,2,2H4,4n 4,2,2H4n 4,2,3H 4,2,4H
4,2H 4,2H4,2 4,2H5 4,2n,1H 4,2nH
4,3,1H 4,3,2H 4,3,3H 4,3H 4,3nH
4,3nH3 4,4,2H 4,4,3H 4,4H 4,4H2
4,4H2,3 4,4H3,2 4,4H4 4,4H4n,2 4,4n,3H
4,4nH 4,5H 4,5H6 4,6H 4,6nH
4-1H 4-4H 4/2H 4/4H 4H
4H2 4H2,2 4H3 4H3,3 4H4
4H5 4H5n 4H6 4n,1,1H 4n,1,2H
4n,1H 4n,2,2nH 4n,2,3H 4n,2H 4n,2n,2H
4n,2n,2H3 4n,2nH 4n,3,2n,1H 4n,3,2nH 4n,3,3nH
4n,3H 4n,3nH 4n,4H 4n,4nH 4nH
4nH3 4nH4n 4wH 5,1,2H 5,1H
5,2,3H 5,2H 5,2H3n,1,2 5,2nH 5,3H
5,3nH 5,3nH5 5,4H 5,4H4,3 5,4nH
5,5nH 5,6nH 5-1H 5-3wH 5H
5H2,2 5H3 5H3,3 5H4 5H5
5H6 5n,17nH 5n,1H 5n,2H 5n,3H
5n,4H 5nH 5nH3 5nH4 5wH
5wH1,3n,1 5wH3w 6,1H 6,2H 6,2H3
6,2nH 6,3,2H 6,3,2nH 6,3H 6,3H3
6,4H 6H 6H3 6H3,3 6H4
6H5 6H5n 6H6 6n,3H 6n,4H
6nH 6nH6n 6wH 7H 7H3
7n,3H 7nH 8,2H 8H 8H2
8H3 8H4 8H5 8n,2H 8nH
9H 9nH A1H A2H H1,1,2n
H1,2,2 H1,2,2,1 H1,3 H1,3,1 H1,3n
H1,4 H1,4,1 H1,4n H1,5 H1-1,3,2/4
H2 H2,1,2 H2,1,3 H2,2 H2,2,2
H2,2,3,2 H2,3 H2,3,1 H2,3,2 H2,3,2,2
H2,3,2,3 H2,4 H2,5 H2-2 H2-2-2
H2-3 H2-3-2 H2-4 H2-4-2 H2-5-3
H2/1 H2/2 H2/2,3/4 H2/2/2 H2/2/2/2
H2/2/4 H2/3 H2n,2n,1 H2n,2n,2n H2n,2n,2n,2n
H3 H3,1 H3,1,2 H3,1,2n H3,1,3
H3,1,4 H3,2 H3,2,1 H3,2,2 H3,2,3
H3,2,3,2 H3,2,4 H3,2n,3 H3,2n,3n H3,2n,4
H3,3 H3,3,2 H3,3,3 H3,3n,3,5 H3,3n,3n,5
H3,4 H3,4,1 H3,4,2 H3,5 H3-2-3
H3-3 H3-4 H3/2 H3/3 H3/3,2
H3/4 H3/4,2 H3n H3n,1,2 H3n,1,3n
H3n,3 H3n,3n H4 H4,2 H4,2n,3
H4,2n,3,5 H4,3 H4,3n H4,3n,4,5 H4,4
H4-2 H4-4 H4/4 H4/4,2 H4n
H4n,4n H5 H5,1 H5,2 H5,3
H5,3n H5-2 H5-3 H5-4 H5/4
H5/4,2 H5n H6 H6n H6w
H7 H7,2 H7,3 H7n H8
H9 H9,1 H9,2 HS1

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